Deposits and Payments You have the option of paying one of two ways:

Credit card: (Visa and Master Card only) It's much faster if you place your order yourself on the website and pay in full with your credit card. If you feel more comfortable and want us to place your order, please send an email to or call us at 602-330-3350 and we will process your order, but by then the seats you want may be gone. 

Check: Call or email us to place your order.  We must receive your check within 5 days to hold your seats or they will be released and your order cancelled.  

2) DEPOSIT:   we accept deposits to make purchasing more of our great seats a little easier on your budget.  Put a $40 deposit on EACH ticket and pay the balance in full by Dec. 15th of each year. You must order your tickets by sending us an email or calling. DO NOT ORDER THROUGH THIS WEBSITE IF YOU ARE PAYING A DEPOSIT! It will charge you the full amount. You can only pay by check/cash for deposits. 




Why should I buy Broadway Show Tickets from Now Seating?
Since 1993, we have been committed to providing our customers with wonderful seating to quality events at the regular venue prices without all the handling fees others charge you!  We have more economical seats and payment options as well!

I have Payment Options?!!
YES!!!  NowSeating is not your typical ticketing company.  Our unique can pay in full OR pay a deposit and make payments. Deposits allow our customers to better afford as many shows as they want! Please see below for complete details.

When do I order my tickets?
An email goes out with the date the show will go on sale and an ordering deadline.  Click here to get on our email list!

When will I get my tickets?
Tickets will be mailed  about 2-4 weeks before the show. 

How much are the service fees you say I am actually saving when I buy through you?
Venue Service Fees:
Gammage - $8.00 per ticket for phone or Internet orders.  $3 if you walk in and buy them

TicketMaster® - Varies from $12.75 - $13.40 or more per ticket plus $2.50 per tkt to print your own. Regular mail, no charge. you just add these fees in anyway and just SAY we're saving money?
ABSOLUTLEY NOT!!! When we buy such large blocks of tickets, they do not charge us the above fees. They only apply to individual tickets purchased. You pay the same venue individual ticket price from us but without the fees! can see the savings for yourself!  
Why buy anywhere else?

Are there any refunds?
As with all venues, there are no refunds once you've purchased your tickets, unless a show is cancelled. However, should you need to sell them, I am happy to send out an e-blast for you to my other customers to try and get them sold for you. You will be in charge of switching the tickets and money.  

Who do I make my check payable to and where to send it?
Please make your check payable to Anjum Malone NOT NowSeating! 
Mail to:  2743 E Concho Ave  Mesa, AZ  85204

The Donna Summer Show has been cancelled due to low interest. 

If you want to pay by check or cash or make payments you MUST order thru me by calling 602-330-3350 or emailing

Only order thru the website if
 you are paying by credit card.  We accept only Visa and MasterCard.  No Discover or AMEX.

Anjum Malone 
2743 E. Concho Ave  
Mesa, AZ  85204

to get on our email list and we will notify you of shows, events, changes and general information.  We do not share your information with anyone.
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What do I do if I've lost my tickets? 
NowSeating has always prided itself on its no service fees and free services (such as helping you sell your tickets to others) compared to purchasing your tickets elsewhere. While that savings will always remain, we are now implementing a new lost ticket policy.  The amount of tickets we had to research and call to reissue for Wicked alone was staggering.  The amount of work for us and the box office is not minimal. So effective immediately, there will be a $5 reprint fee per ORDER, not per ticket.  Your credit card will be run first and then the tickets reissued. Create a safe place to put your tickets for every show we send you.  Tell others where you are putting them.  

This policy is meant as an incentive to help everyone keep track of their tickets and lessen the costs for all involved in researching and reprinting your tickets.

We appreciate your business and enjoy your association.  

Contact Us!!!
Contact us at or call 602.330.3350 anytime. If you need to leave a message, we will call you back as soon as possible!

Frequently Asked Questions
What should I wear to the theatre? Is it formal? 
AZ is fairly laid back so there is no formal dress code, but most patrons wear business casual clothing.  Anything is acceptable, from jeans to gowns

What time should I arrive at the theater?
You will want to arrive at least 60 minutes prior to performance time to allow time to park, pick up your tickets, and be seated.

Theatre Arrival Etiquette - because we often are holding more centered seats, we have a courteous responsibility to the other patrons, to arrive on time for the performance.  It is discourteous to both patron and cast to arrive late and have to climb over everyone, especially when paying for the best seats.  Thank you for your help in this matter!

What if I'm late to the performance?
Latecomers will be seated at an appropriate interval which is determined by the house manager. Sometimes this means you will have to wait for a break in a song or action to be seated.  
"Great seats at Great prices!"