"great seats at great prices!"

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A Unique Business Approach

Since 1993,
NowSeating has offered great seats at great prices.  However, there's a few unique services we provide that sets us apart from the rest of the ticketing industry...
No Extra Fees!
​We have been committed to providing our customers with wonderful seating to quality events at the regular venue prices without all the extra handling fees others charge you! The posted price is the final price.
Gammage was built in such a way that there's really no bad seat in the venue. Due to the large volume of season subscribers, our seating has been adjusted accordingly. We have sat in multiple sections, on the aisle, in the back and are always pleasantly surprised with our seats. For the special productions, that aren't part of the regular season, we get fabulous seats that are centered and close in various price sections.
The entire season goes on sale in the Spring and you have until Dec. 15 to pay off your order. Make monthly payments or pay it all at the end. We cannot accept credit cards when making payments. Checks, Venmo or online bill pay are fine.
Need to sell your tickets?
While we aren't able to offer refunds (since our venue doesn't), we are happy to let our entire email list know you need to sell them. They always sell!  

These things add the small, personal touches to our service!