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New York actor Michael Dorsey is a talented perfectionist who is so hard on himself and others that his agent can no longer find work for him. After a soap opera audition goes poorly, Michael reinvents himself as actress Dorothy Michaels and wins the part. What was supposed to be a short-lived role turns into a long-term contract, but when Michael falls for his castmate Julie, complications develop that could wreck everything.

​"I'm a potentially great actress"​​

~ Michael Dorsey/Dorothy Michaels

Perfomance Dates and Price Range

 March 2021 

  Prices $35 - $86

Age Appropriate:

Recommended for 12+
Running time:
2 hrs. 35 minutes with one intermission
Run time:

2 hours and 30 minutes, including one intermission.
Age Appropriate:

Hadestown is recommended for ages 8+